Love for what you do (Too late for Dangerous Minds)


The Truman Show made you doubt your life. The Matrix made you doubt reality. The Iterative Method is going to make you gasp on the beauty and inexorability that could be our very existence.

In this awesome rendering of non-linear equations, LEONARDOWORX offers a glimpse of a very neat and old idea: that our reality is a mystery beyond our control and comprehension. It’s old like ancient Greek old, and much before that.

In the 17th century, Renè Descartes notably wrote his own perplexity about the idea of “What the hell am I? Where the hell am I? Who the hell makes all of this?”, in his Meditations. I may have paraphrased a bit, but the renascence philosopher is an atemporal reference on the self perception of the mind and our place in reality. He meditated on three hypothesis: 1) that he was in a never ending dream; 2) that an evil genius (or god-like being or Big Brother) would take its time to deceive him trough out his life and 3) that the body he had to experience the world could be just a brain in a jar, receiving external stimuli so he would think he was living what he thought he lived.

Those ideas, so simple, repeat themselves in our minds. In the Truman Show, Jim Carrey discovers that his whole life was orchestrated by a television network (those evil bastards). The Wachowsky brothers showed their own “meditations” in The Matrix, visualizing a future where machines rebel against humanity and trap them in a virtual rendering of the world, a world of lies. In other words, put us in Descartes’ jars. Not to mention the plot of Inception itself, the movie who could also be a dream.


iterativemethodYou could start to wander now, “What does this little 7 minutes of mesmerizing objects and shapes have in common with those long features that actually tell stories? It’s just colored computer origamis!” Well, yeah, but what they represent is quite something.

Let me tell you a brief history: once, the land we stood on was all there ever was. Then, the seas, the continents; then the whole planet and the solar system, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, super clusters, [FILL IN THE BLANKS], The Universe: that place where all there is really are. Is there a boundary to it? It has some kind of a shape? Was it always here or did it started at some point in time? Is it going to end? Is it stationary, expanding, an ever-changing puzzle? Is it the only place like it? Does it have a purpose? So many questions.

If you see a picture depicting Laniakea (the super cluster where our galaxy is) and don’t think there’s any similarities to what we see in a rendering of non-linear equations like the one LEONARDOWORX shows us, well, I really don’t know what to say. Except, maybe, ‘watch it again’!

The Iterative Method render in real time equations that are solutions to a given mathematical problem. Like the ones you learned to plot on cartesian planes (yeah, the same Descartes from up there) in high school, but bigger. Each time a solution is compiled by the program, the answer is fed to itself to generate a new answer, which means a new state of the shape we watchin the video. It is, in effect, a big and complex Conway’s Game Of Life.

The soundtrack to the video is also a translation of those equations, passing trough sound boards that transforms those resulting signals into sound waves. So to watch this clip, is to watch a possible universe, like our own, from start to end and listen to it too; breathing, producing new and new possibilities inside it. Much like our own.

Try to not go crazy on this.


~Peu Dias

P.S.: I highly suggest to follow the links in the post, if you haven’t yet. It can make stuff much bigger and more meaningful.

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